Mini Budget 2022- How Has It Affected Pound Wholesale?

25 October 2022, 1:11PM
Mini Budget 2022- How Has It Affected Pound Wholesale?

On Friday 23rd September 2022, the Mini Budget was announced by Kwasi Kwarteng, the chancellor. What does the budget have in store for wholesalers, retailers, and other businesses? Will it be harsh on pound wholesale shops or do they have anything to gain from it?

This article takes a look at the impact of the Mini budget 2022 on businesses and what it could mean for wholesale pound lines.

How does the Mini-Budget Affect Businesses?

  • The mini-budget offers a cut in National Insurance bills hence leading businesses to save almost 10,000 pounds on average. Small and medium businesses will also see a cut in their National Insurance bills.
  • The mini-budget also plans to cut down energy costs in half for businesses across the UK.

They offer discounts on wholesale gas and electricity prices through the execution of the Energy Bill Relief Scheme for businesses. This will be done for a 6-month period starting from the first of October.

Retailers do not have to contact wholesalers during this time to avail of the discounts as they will be automatically applied.

Hence the energy bill relief scheme protects businesses and organizations from rising energy bills through such discounts on wholesale gas and electricity.

  • The IR35 rule was simplified by the chancellor which says that the contractors have to be responsible for their employment status and tax amount from April 2023 onwards.

 The off-payroll working reforms and rules were scrapped due to the unwanted complications and costs for many businesses.

  • Another impact that the mini budget of 2022 had on businesses was on corporation tax. It was planned to increase to 25% from April 2023. This has been canceled and the tax rate paid by companies on their profits will stay at 19 percent for the next few years.

The Bank of England has also raised interest rates for 7 consecutive MPC meetings. They have warned the chancellor that they will need to increase the interest rates even more to withstand the effects of inflation.

And What About Pound Wholesale?

Due to the fall of the pound, pound wholesale dealers are ready to see a rise in the cost of goods and services. The country is now pondering the execution of import and export plans due to the UK inflation and the slump of the pound.

One can also see an increase in the costs of oil and natural gas, even more, all thanks to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The cost of manufacturing plastic items in the UK is also said to increase due to the pricing of gas in dollars.

Pound shops and similar retailers are said to face the harsh consequences of the budget due to the difficulty in capping prices.

Due to the fear of rising prices, it is only natural for businesses to stockpile items which lead wholesalers to face shortages of stocks.

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