Starting a DIY Store? Check out Some Profitable Ideas and Platforms Here

20 October 2022, 11:25AM
Starting a DIY Store? Check out Some Profitable Ideas and Platforms Here

Converting your skills into money is made easy today, all thanks to the internet and social media platforms. There are countless DIY stores on Instagram and other platforms that sell out unique items within hours.

Do not worry if you are confused about where to start. Make an outline about the things that you would like to sell, the time it would take, and the profits you would like to make.

It is also necessary to consider the cost of wholesale DIY supplies and other investments before you decide to start a DIY business.

Make sure to also check out DIY wholesalers UK like CK Wholesale to support your business.

DIY Ideas to Kickstart your Online Business

Given below are a few DIY things that sell like hotcakes on the internet. You just need a few materials and dedicate some time every day to master the craft.

1. Keychains

Key chains are both functional as well as a nice thick item widely used today. You can use them on your bags and pouches and not necessarily with keys. They’ve always been in demand since they also help express your personality and interest.

You can easily purchase materials from DIY wholesalers UK to make key chains to attract potential customers.

2. Jewellery

Accessories like jewellery make you stand out among the crowd. Since uniqueness plays a huge factor in this, people are more likely to go for handmade jewelry.

Jewelry is easy to make and requires an affordable starter kit. With great designs and enough patience, you can start your online DIY jewellery business.

You just need wholesale DIY supplies like pliers, beads, cutters and rulers to start making jewellery.

3. Candles

Making and selling scented candles is an easy business that attracts interested customers. They are also an amazing gifting option during occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

With unique scents and personalization options, customers are likely to flock in to secure your products.

You can go online and purchase wholesale DIY supplies like wax, essential oils, boiler pots, and glass jars to start creating beautiful candles.

4. Room Décor Items

Everybody likes their room to stand out and not look commonplace. Hence, most people are likely to look for DIY items that add a personalized touch to their room.

This makes DIY room décor business a great option if you are looking to start a small online business.

CK Wholesale is one of the DIY Wholesalers UK that offer items required to make room décor products.

You can start creating wall art, rustic wooden designs, planters, and other holiday ornaments that serve as home décor items.

A few other things that you can sell online as DIY items include pillows, toys, bags, magnets, customized napkins, handmade soap, etc.

Where Can you Sell DIY Items?

  • Etsy

Etsy is one name that you would have heard of if you are interested in DIY crafts. You can sell and buy handmade items and non-handmade supplies, vintage goods, etc. here.

They include a 5% transaction fee and 0.25$ payment processing fee. They also charge a 15% offsite ad fee if any of their ads get you a sale.

  • Zibbet

Zibbet is used by more than 50,000 artists and crafters giving an awesome opportunity for millions of shoppers to get access to unique items.

You can open a free account on Zibbet to start your online business today. They also have no listing fees or sales fees which makes them a great choice for small businesses.

  • Folksy

If you are based in the UK, Folksy is one marketplace that you should try out. It is a great place to buy and sell handcrafted goods, especially from UK designers.

If you are targeting your product more towards residents of the UK, Folksy should be your number one option.

  • iCraft

True artists and crafters must be familiar with the marketplace iCraft. They showcase collections of DIY items like gifts, giving you a brilliant opportunity to promote and sell your items.

It may be worth checking out this global marketplace if your crafts and handmade goods are great gifting options.

Sourcing DIY Supplies Made Easy by CK Wholesale

CK wholesale is one of the biggest DIY wholesalers UK that can support your DIY business by providing you with the required hardware.

You can get all kinds of DIY hardware products at the best prices and amazing quality by joining hands with us. Make huge savings by purchasing supplies from us in bulk for both domestic as well as professional use.

We cater to both small and big businesses by supplying them with the required wholesale DIY supplies.

  • Low Costs

Earning a decent profit margin is one of the biggest concerns of small businesses. CK Wholesale helps you resolve that issue by providing wholesale DIY supplies at affordable prices.

Buy our products in bulk at low prices to ensure that your inventory is talked at all times with the required products. Stay tuned for upcoming offers and discounts to earn bigger profits.

  • Variety of Products

Get all the required wholesale DIY supplies and hardware in one place. We offer products like paint brushes, gloss paint, masking tape, paint roller, stickers, gorilla glue, butane gas, etc.

You can also purchase wood varnish, metal paints of various colors, brushes of different types, primers, etc. to fulfill all your DIY needs.

  • Quick Delivery

Now you need not delay your DIY activities as you can buy supplies from CK wholesale. We offer the quickest delivery possible to make sure that the ordered products reach you at the right time.

Just visit our website, register as a customer, check out our collection and choose your product. Add them to the cart and pay for your product. Things are as simple as that!

  • Customer Satisfaction

With over 30 years of experience in the wholesale industry, we stand apart from other DIY wholesalers UK for all the right reasons.

Experience the ease of bulk shopping with our affordable products of high quality and incredible customer service.

Make CK Wholesale Supplies the official wholesale partner of your DIY business to see it grow quickly!